What is organic/food waste machine?

The Organic/Food Waste Machine is a compact, automatic composting unit employing natural decomposition techniques. It includes a shredder, composting tank with humidity control, heater, mixing blades, and air ventilation. It rapidly transforms organic waste into compost within 24 hours, reducing volume by 85-90% using specialized enzymes or sawdust. The process is quiet, odorless, and eco-friendly.

How horticulture/agriculture waste recycling machine works?

The Horticulture/Agriculture waste recycling machine transforms garden waste into bio-fuel pellets for renewable energy. It shreds dry leaves, wood, and more into small pieces, creating an artificial environment to control temperature and moisture. The pelleting unit then converts the material into high-calorific bio-fuel pellets, suitable for smokeless stoves, industrial heating, and electricity generation.

What manufacturing facilities and quality control measures do you have in place for your products?

Our products are manufactured in the plants, which is equipped with all modern production facilities. The facilities contribute to our capacity to conform to the international standards ensuring top quality performance & reliability. Besides. We are also engaged in vigorous R&D activities. Our Research & Development laboratory is armed with modern me assuring instruments and precision computerized testing facilities.

Which types of establishments are the most suitable environments for implementing this solution?

This solution is particularly well-suited for a range of establishments, including resorts, hotels, residential complexes, malls with food courts, marriage halls, canteens, and educational institutes that offer canteen facilities. It caters to various settings where efficient waste management and sustainability are essential.

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